Our Mission

“Inspiring and Empowering a Community of Investors to Achieve Lasting Prosperity” – Tax Lien Tutor 

We Are Active Investors:

We invest our own money in thousands of Tax Liens and Tax Deeds each year and help guide a managed fund of investor’s money in the same transactions. We believe that if it’s good enough for our own money we should allow our investors to participate.

We Train Others:

We conduct trainings around the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific at live investing conferences. We also conduct trainings virtually, including a weekly live/online for our Investing Network. Lastly, we have a massive library of hundreds of hours of video training in our Member Only area.

We Mentor:

A select group of our most serious and motivated clients become part of our Investing Network. They learn weekly for our live trainers (all active investors themselves). They participate in weekly group meetings and help each other succeed. They are invited into our inner circle of investing partners and can participate with us in our deals. (This is made available only to select clients and only through a Private Placement Memorandum.)

How Do We help you?

We teach you to implement a proven system for investing that provides guaranteed returns, mandated by state law, of between 8% and 36% per year. We also teach you how to get the property EVERY TIME, which can provide returns of 300% and much more!


The first step to mastering anything is to gain as much education on the subject as possible. We know you’ve heard of Tax Lien and Tax Deeds, because they offer such great, guaranteed returns… And allow you to pick up properties for pennies on the dollar. However, they involve complex law, and can offer a less then marketable title to properties. But, with our system, you can turn what keeps most people from succeeding with Tax Liens and Tax Deeds into the very reasons you succeed.


Selecting markets to invest in that will give you the highest likelihood of achieving success is key. All the knowledge in the world used in the wrong markets will result in wasting time, energy and money. Our system helps you select markets that increase your chances of quick success.


There are Seven Steps to Tax Lien investing in our system. Nine steps for investing in Tax Deeds. Gaining an education of this research system will save you time, money and headache. But we all know people who know what they should do and still don’t do it. You MUST do the research every time. It is the Work in this system.


There are three ways to purchase Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. They can be done live in person, through the mail of online depending on the market. Investing is the final step. You’ve gained an education, you’ve selected great markets, you’ve done the research… Now, take proper action. As simple as that sounds it is the major reason most live below their capabilities. We help our students over the hump and help them invest now.

Tax Lien Facts

Fact 1
1) An estimated 14,000,000 households per year have property tax liens placed on them after becoming one year late. Approximately 4,000,000 tax liens per year are sold. The unsold inventory offers savvy investors the opportunity to find hidden gems and maximize returns.
Fact 2
2) Interest rates are mandated by state law and range from 8% to 36% per year. Actual interest rates received can be far lower however, due to the auction processes in most states. We teach our students how to get the state mandated maximum interest rates every time.
Fact 3
3) A redemption period or grace period is provided by law to property owners. So, even if the lien on their property is sold to an investor, they have time to get it back. Redemption periods range from 4 months to 4 years depending on the state law.
Fact 4
4) Property taxes pay for vital services. 55% to 65% of property tax revenue goes directly to local school districts. The balance pays for police, fire, roads, bridges, parks, hospitals and maintenance of county assets. When you invest in tax liens and tax deeds, you are not taking somebody’s home… you are helping a county fund vital things and giving the homeowners time to fix their situation. It’s a Win/Win/Win. You win a great interest rate, secured by real property. The county wins the cashflow it needs to run their county. And the property owner wins additional time to pay their taxes because you chose to invest.

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